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Trina Talk

Trina Talk is inspirational talk based on wisdom gained through my life experiences for women who want motivation and inspiration to go to the next level in their lives, whether personal or professional. I am your host, Trina L. Martin, motivational speaker, leader, and cyber tech expert.

Every week, I will provide you with insight and encouragement to pursue your passion and strive for the impossible!

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Dec 30, 2019

Mark Struczewski is a productivity expert, online trainer, and podcast. He helps people be productive in a distracted world. He works with executives to help them gain control of their time by taming distractions so they can experience less overwhelm, feel a sense of freedom and enjoy their lives.

Quote: "Until we can...

Dec 23, 2019

Charmaine Hammond is an author, speaker, facilitator, and consultant. She is an expert in communication, collaboration, resilience and conflict resolution.
Quote: "Be Yourself because everyone else is taken." ~ Oscar Wilde
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Dec 16, 2019

Louise VN Liebenberg is an author, transformational coach and adult child syndrome specialist. She helps men and women uncover and neutralize their unique challenges by creating an empowered outlook, through personal life coaching focused on changes in behavior, mindset, perspective, and intention. #i-nfinitepotential ...

Dec 9, 2019

Chantal Gerardy went from a broke business owner in a new country, with 3 kids under 5yrs old, to now abundant in business, all using Facebook. She now empowers business owners, who have no marketing budget, to create an income-producing strategy using facebook.

Quote: "Every once in awhile, a new technology, an old...

Dec 2, 2019

Ariana Sylvester is a life strategist, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She is an operations whiz, taking care of the day-to-day team and task management of their 3 businesses. She spent several years bouncing around from job to job until she finally realized that she was much better off to help Tom build their...